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About Denise: Her 13 Lives...

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 4:12 AM
Coming soon, I am preparing the scripting for a project within a project inspired by the work of Jim Davis titled Garfield: His 9 Lives. I remember how much I enjoyed Garfield as a child, reading the collective books, each named for an eating disorder of some sort. Every book had at least a few strips that had me bursting at the scenes. But, as is apt to occur by the attentive, we notice when the strip begins to sound the same as the joke before it. We notice the formula. The joke, the characters, the pattern that follows them all to the conclusion… Somewhere it stops being funny and becomes expected. For me, that came earlier in life than I’d have preferred. Garfield just wasn’t amusing anymore. The cat eats, doesn’t chase mice, sleeps, kicks a dog off a table, swats spiders, makes fun of the owner, see step one. It was about this time I had checked out a book, some oddity that was titled as a Garfield book, but was different somehow. The book did and didn’t look like Davis’s work. There was something more. I realized the brilliance of the work almost immediately. Davis did something I’d seen no other comic strip artist try before. He let other artists take a crack at Garfield, each assigned a different life/story. None of them had any sort of continuity with one another, save for name alone. Some were more realistic and surrealistic than others. The art varied. In my opinion, that was the finest work Davis ever produced. It is in this light that I’ve began setting up to produce Denise: Her 13 Lives. Why thirteen and not nine? There was a cartoon of the book(which hardly did the book any real justice) in which four of the lives had been switched out completely. Not that I didn’t understand. One of those stories ended rather violently in retrospect, and this was a cartoon specifically made for children. Here is the list of stories in the book: Cave Cat, The Vikings, Babes And Bullets, The Exterminators, Lab Animal, The Garden, Primal Self, Garfield, Space Cat. Here are the alternates for the cartoon which replaced The Vikings, Babes And Bullets, The Exterminators, and Primal Self: King Cat, Court Musician, Stunt Cat, Diana’s Piano. Total lives… Thirteen. The scripting of Denise: Her 13 Lives will emulate the work of Davis, but I must warn that there will be a darker tone to them. I’m taking this to the style of Heavy Metal Magazine. Each life will be assigned an artist save but two. Here is the list of stories to appear as Denise’s alternate lives: Cave Bat, Queen D, Court Soloist, The Valkyries, Beauties And Berettas, The Exorcists(AKA The Extortionists), Stunt Bat, Laboratory Mammal, The Gallery, Deanna’s Violin, Primary Other, Denise, Star Bat. Both Denise and Star Bat have been taken, however I will soon be seeking other artists to take on one of the stories, both locally to myself an here on the DeviantArt sight. There will  be a budget for commissions, but the amount to be allotted per hire hasn’t been set in stone just yet. For those deviantartists who might be interested before I’ve announced said search for commissioned artists, feel free to contact me here and I will look over your profile work for consideration. All in all, this should be different, but the same. In its own way…


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When I tell people the story of my life, I sound like I'm making it up... So I'll just say I'm some guy who dabbles in the artistry of comic strips. I think we can all agree to that, can't we? Yeah... sounds reasonable.


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